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Economic addle, how does vogue do? (Graph)

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1920, tall of economist of guest state university treats · Tailedi gave a point of view: When economy grows, the woman can wear short skirt, because want to show off the filar socks inside; And when economy is stagnant, the woman cans not afford filar socks, be forced to put skirt limit long. This theory is in last centuries 20 time - 60 time, got confirming.

Where is filar socks returned now costly, skirt edge theory is natural already outdated. But Harold Koda of cosmopolitan museum curator also says new York, if develop of pessimism of people psychology predicament, stylist is met a dress forward low-key and old-fashioned way develops, for instance last year the long skirt wind of Hollywood female, more or less to get namely the United States second the influence that lends the crisis.

Be really such? This week, global stock market experiences black on Monday, however advanced on the week of Parisian fashionable dress of a day of end, people saw the skirt with shorter and shorter Louis Vuitton. Although the burlap dress of Miu Miu shows the note of trifling pessimism fully, but boss of well-known department store says new York of no less than in that way, consider economy atrophic, the woman also can want to buy bit of extraordinary thing. So, t stage as always colorful, it is fashionable observation home people each plaints first rise, how do these dresses want ability to sell go out?

Sell go out? The 11 golden weeks that just end, people experienced the blowout that consumes a desire again, all fronts of sale of Hangzhou bazaar female outfit waves red. We interviewed a few shopper, the conclusion that reach is, hangzhou person has not felt economic pressure, but they had been become completely " astute shopper " , not blind blood goes all out, choose style perpetuation.

Actually, economy does not have too big impact the dress means of people, however social lifestyle more the influence is tremendous. Why is Coco Chanel, Christian Dior met leave a good name forever, because,be like that small black skirt and that flower " New Look " , complied with the need that life attitude changes. So, when environmental protection predominate, a new expression is circulating in international, that is " slow vogue " .

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