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Increase rate of Indian textile industry will achieve 16 %

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When Shri Shankersinh Vaghela of minister of Indian federal spin is clipping of woollen exposition opening ceremony, say, regard partial welfare as measure, the government has introduced plan of ovine farming insurance and sheep to be sure to plan only during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Shri Shankersinh Vaghela says, dress is Indian textile industry medium important, from personnel of course of study about 5 million, and the latent capacity that has opportunity of tremendous creation obtain employment. India was opened stage by stage dress grooms and design center (ATDC) , groom for garment industry specialized worker of male and female. These measure will conduce to obtain employment of help India youth.

Shri Vaghela says, indian textile industry has very strong actual strength, in nearly 60 years of time, textile industry grows 3 - 4 % , growth rate is accelerated now, to 2012 every annual produce grows 16 % , will reach 115 billion dollar. He says, the success with Indian the biggest government is an Indian textile industry from industry of the setting sun change is sunny industry.

Nearly 3 years, the rationalize of finance revenue is right also each link produce textile industry positive effect, those who promoted textile industry is historic grow.

This minister says, textile industry invests nearly 4 years soar, 2004 - invest 1.045 trillion rupee 8 years, to 2012 hopeful achieves 1.506 trillion rupee, after investment expands, textile industry will create opportunity of 17.37 million obtain employment to 2012.

This minister says, cotton is the main raw material of Indian textile industry. Because established group of pily technology assignment 2000, introduced Bt cotton 2002, in the meantime, the government gives a key support in recent years, pily situation takes a favourable turn greatly. 2007 - 8 years Indian cotton crop achieves 31.5 million packets, indian cotton character is improved greatly.

Every hectare per unit area yield exceeds 550 kilograms, india makes the world the 2nd big country yield cotton, exit country, and consumptive country. The fiber that Indian cotton competition ability also holds to enlarged Indian cotton place consumes scale, cotton holds overall fiber now spending is proportional 60 % . Cotton exports medium scale to had exceeded 75 % in spin dress.

He says, the government makes lowest give aid to the price (MSP) plan, through Indian cotton cooperative company assures to return lowermost return rate return cotton grower. Spend production to stabilize cotton for a long time, provide a help for cotton grower, balance the interest of textile industry at the same time, 2008 - season of 9 years of cotton year MSP rises considerably.

Breed of mid fiber cotton (24.5 Mm - 39 % are moved on the MSP of 25.5 Mm) , to 2, 500 rupee / quintal, under photograph comparing, 2007 - it is 8 years 1, 750-1, 800 rupee / quintal. 2008 - 09 cotton season is old fiber (29.5 Mm - 30.5 Mm) the MSP of breed rises 3, 000 rupee / quintal, prep above 2007 - 2 8 years, 250 rupee / quintal.
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