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American economy glides case of distrain of intellectual property of los angeles

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According to be engaged in the United States of business of American custom law technically office of attorney of Xiu Boguo border (the Li Xinyu's lawyer that SSSPO) Shanghai delegate sentences introduces, although economy not quite boom, the entrance glides, port of American custom los angeles is right this year the distrain that encroachs intellectual property goods still innovates tall. The 357 tickets copy that is buckled is risked and the domestic value of pilfer edition commodity is as high as 7 1000 1 100 400 thousand dollar, with 2007 financial year photograph comparing increased 148% . The amount of sequestered case also increased compared to the same period of 50% .

Los angeles - long beach custom closes long Tuodehuofuman to was in the Ka Sen city near los angeles to announce afore-mentioned newses recently. He executes the law these achievement is attributed to American custom and other and confederative orgnaization, for example the clasp of FDA of management board of federal provision medicines and chemical reagents and CPSC of consumable safety commission, execute the law through what improve method and strategy. Garrison about CPSC personnel custom port, can refer to this net this year the report January 14 " safe committee will strengthen American consumable to prevent insecure product to import with custom collaboration " .

Wait for a reason because of international banking crisis and American economy depression, the foreign country also becomes very austere to beautiful exit situation. Commodity of the tort below this kind of circumstance contrabands a case to be able to increase somewhat. Nevertheless American custom violated behavior this kind to be full of confidence to effective keep within limits. American custom is forecasted, because was used,execute the law newly method, each port is opposite los angeles after next year the sequestered case that encroachs intellectual property importer to taste still can continue to increase.

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