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How should puerpera of ice cream, cold drink, fruit eat?

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Burning hot summer, if come an a cup of cold drink, ice cream, or iced watermelon, undoubted meeting makes the person feels cool and refreshing immediately many. But as the new mother that just labors, can these things still take?

Wang Qi is in the chairman doctor of Beijing a hospital for gynaecology and obstetrics of net of health of reproduction of China of be a guest when talking about color to consider program of sexual word health, spoke of this problem.

1, fluid depletes postpartum put oneself in another's position big, new mother wants seasonable compensatory moisture content

New mother is after childbirth, because can produce cotton-padded mattress sweat and galactic had excreted many element, can cause many liquid to use up, must complement corresponding moisture. E.g. , soup, congee or a few beverage. If cannot complement in time liquid, be in especially very fuggy summer, the mother often appears easily dehydration.

2, can eat cold drink to want a foundation individual habits and customs

Canadian female, postpartum each mothers, doctor, paramedic can deliver a cup of ice water to her, let her drink. But, chinese female is general and postpartum it is the lukewarm perhaps beverage that drinks a few heat. Mr. Wang Qi thinks, in can drink glacial water on this problem, new mother wants the habits and customs according to oneself. On the problem that because the habits and customs of the habits and customs of our Chinese and foreigner has a very big difference,is cold hot drink. Foreign child, have the habits and customs that drinks cold drink as a child, the child plays outside, came back, taking the milk in freezer or beverage is direct drinkable. But the child that serves as China, often habits and customs asks he is drunk lukewarm with heat, should drink room temperature at least. So the mother became a lying-in woman especially, during confinement, compare weak condition to fall in taste namely, did not go to already again the habits and customs that drinks glacial water, cold drink everyday, the body state that becomes new mother falls in this kind of condition, do not have ice cream and cold drink.

3, new mother can drink warm boiled water

Below fuggy climate condition, for instance new mother is in southern, or room temperature is achieved 38, 9 degrees, perhaps be in " sauna day " below the circumstance, the hot water that lets new mother drink 40 degrees of above even everyday is impossible then, because cannot be accepted, so new mother can drink the water of room temperature, this kind of warm boiled water is possible completely.

A lot of friends still ask, I am postpartum, arrive again in July or August, can I eat a watermelon? It is completely OK that we say, but you had better not eat the food inside freezer, the watermelon that takes room temperature however, banana ah, peach, it is possible so.

3, the fruit that suggests to take normal temperature

New mother can eat a fruit. Seasonal choice takes the case that new mother wants him foundation, ground different fruit, but the fruit that suggests the fruit that takes normal temperature and sexual flavour are gentle. Be in for instance southern, new mother can eat the fruit such as Durian, litchi, Shan Zhu, because these fruits contain a lot ofmany vitamin C. The new mother of northern region can have an apple everyday, because the apple can prevent puerpera constipation, still can eat a few banana appropriately, but banana sex is colder, what new mother does not have is overmuch, lest cause abdominal distension.
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