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Give the food of accurate mom the proposal

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Accurate mother often can worry pregnancy inanition, begin to fill especially greatly rise, many protein, meat dishes, fruit... but if every day such, will bring about nutrition superfluous, not only can increase body burden, still can raise pregnancy complication (fat, gestation is diabetic, tremendous) happen.

The expert suggests 1

Diversification absorbs nutrition to be short of

Like doing not have, food can assure all-around nutrition. Some pregnant woman everyday edible several fruits, can bring about blood sugar to be controlled not elevatorily, easily, have the possibility on diabetic; Intake of some pregnant woman staple food are very few, one talent has 229 rice, cause energy inadequacy so easily, and energy is lopsided also will bring about other nutrition material to cannot be used well. Only diversification absorbs ability to obtain the nutrition of complete balance, include enough staple food among them, certain meat dishes, milk products, bean products and oil. And qualitative to lacking some kind of nurture pregnant woman will tell, can " be short of what filling what " .

Nutrient food

Calcium increases vegetable of grandma and milk products, dried small shrimps, legume, green to wait absorb

Iron increases vegetable of blood of animal liver, animal, lean lean, green to wait absorb

Zincic filling testacean is sea product, pluck, lean lean, dry fruit

Liver of vitamin A filling animal, yoke or carrot, tomato, orange

Vitamin B1 filling corn, legume, firm fruit, thin pork reachs pluck

Food of sex of vitamin B2 compensatory animal especially pluck, and egg, grandma absorb

Vitamin C filling fruit and fresh vegetable, be like all green vegetable, tomato, cabbage, yangtao

Special clew: As to everyday the intake of all sorts of nutrition elements, expert proposal, absorb calcium cannot over 2000 milligram, maintain in 1000-1200 milligram; Absorb iron cannot over 60 milligram, maintain control in 28 milligram; Absorb zinc cannot over 35 milligram, maintain in 20 milligram? Crow absorbs vitamin C cannot over 1000 milligram, maintain control in 130 milligram.

The expert suggests 2

Feed much food less to replace " a day of 3 eat "

The uterus when the female is pregnant increases, gastric position also rises accordingly, gastric capacity also is restricted accordingly, according to pregnant before at ordinary times appetite also can make gastric ministry too full bilge. Accordingly, this moment is OK " eat much food less " replace " a day of 3 eat " , decide capacity of good food intake, every endowment is absorbed a few times, eat a bit lesser every time, this is decided by the physiology characteristic of pregnant woman. Pregnant woman can part in two Xiaoshi after breakfast, Chinese meal add breakfast, midday to nod. Do not cross what should assure early, medium, dinner as far as possible to absorb scale to maintain in 30% , 40% , 30% , everyday absorb control of quantity of heat to be controlled in 2300 kilocalorie. In 3 kinds of energy in absorbing proportion, proposal protein 10%-15% , adipose 20%-30% , carbohydrate 60%-70% , and in energy interior, also want those who notice origin to form, form e.g. protein origin be in than had better maintaining: Animal sex 44% , legume 23% , plant sex 33% .
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