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6 kinds of food, be pregnant not to eat

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  I am about to become a happy mother after 8 months, so, from now I begin to notice my dietary daily life. Before paragraph time, in the United States " network M.d. " a news see on the website, said a few food that pregnant woman should not choose, recommend accurate mom to share.

Avoid edible large fish

American food and management board of medicines and chemical reagents (FDA) proposal, pregnant woman does not have the large fish such as dorado, shark, mackerel, marine tuna can does not exceed 180 grams. The fish that angles in river water, lake water and brook water, the likelihood contains a bacterium or had gotten chemical pollution, also had better not eat. If want to eat, had better send relevant and wholesome branch to undertake examining the fish first. Having the fish under 360 grams every week of course was not endangered.

Avoid edible raw meat and flesh of half a lifetime

Do not want those who be born to eat or be not squashy birds flesh seafood (give birth to ostracean, clam and birthday department to wait for instance) , they may contain a large number of bacteria and virus, want squashy hind ability edible.

In addition, do not eat the egg of half a lifetime, decoct egg wants completely ripe.

Avoid to eat outside bought cooked food and cold fume kind of sea product

Cooked food waits in sauce of meat of hot dog, ham, turkey, cool meat and banger, and in the fumigated sea product of cold storage, bacterium of Li Si spy breeds the most easily, pregnant woman affects this bacterium to be able to cause the serious consequence such as such as abortion, deformation or stillborn foetus. This kind of product wants edible of the ability after thoroughlying cook.

Avoid the drink that edible disinfects without high temperature

Do not buy the wine that pedlar makes oneself or fruit juice on the street casually, this kind of beverage is disinfected without high temperature, contain the bacterium such as coliform organisms probably. Before drinking, had better look to whether pass pasteurize first.

Avoid to eat vegetable dish bud raw

Do not eat unripe clove bud, turnip bud or it is gram bud, these dish include a bacterium in bud, the likelihood is mixed to pregnant woman fetal cause undesirable effect.

Avoid to may cause allergic food

If of pregnant woman familial in somebody is allergic to some kind of food, fetal also can very big risk suffers from on food is hypersensitive. Accordingly, the bosom should avoid to eat earthnut and earthnut goods to wait to cause allergic food easily during pregnant, in order to reduce fetal the risk that has allergy.

Because bender is brought about fetal and anoxic, affect growth of fetal head ministry, and this kind is damaged often is beyond recall. Consequently, all wine should include abstinence detailed account, additional, drink tea overmuch, can make put oneself in another's position of infantile thin and small weak, so tea also is to be not drunk had better.
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