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Xianggu mushroom, the food that pregnant woman eats surely

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Xianggu mushroom, name sweet gill fungus, dried mushrooms, it is the admirable breed in edible dawdle, have " dawdle empress " good name. Sweet delicacy of Xianggu mushroom odour, nutrition is rich. When Nanjing of move the capital to another place of Zhu Yuanzhang of Ming Taizu of according to legend, 100 officials enter civil and military in succession display curiosity, prime minister Liu Baiwenquegong with mountain products Xianggu mushroom, begin everybody to all demote its appearance not raise, after who knows Zhu Yuanzhang to feed, admire doubly, seal for " Shan Zhen " one of.

From now on, changjiang Delta takes be current to cultivate Xianggu mushroom.

   Why pregnant puerpera must eat Xianggu mushroom

Xianggu mushroom nutrition is rich, eat more can improve the health, the counteractive capacity that increases pair of diseases, promote fetal growth. Dietetics home undertook an analysis to Xianggu mushroom, discover the material of gutty and general vegetable lack inside Xianggu mushroom, after illuminate of ultraviolet ray of its classics sun, d of vitamin of meeting translate into, after be being used by human body, the ability of counteractive to enhancing human body disease is having main effect. Xianggu mushroom besides the double catenary that has disease-resistant poisonous active ribonucleic acid kind beyond, still have a kind of many saccharide, they are pass candy glucoside by candy of the aldose of 7 elements above, ketone key is integrated and those who become is much get together content. Although experiment proof much saccharide does not kill and wound virus directly, but can be opposite through enhancing immune force to raise airframe the beat back force of virus, have fight tumor apparently active and adjust the biology action such as airframe immunity function.

  Nutrient division is special clew

Xianggu mushroom can enhance airframe immunity power apparently, still filling liver kidney, be good at taste, beneficial wisdom calms the nerves, hairdressing raises Yan Zhi effect, it is a kind of high grade healthy food, can often edible.

Xianggu mushroom nutrition and effect:

Xianggu mushroom is a kind of high protein, low adipose " healthy food " , it contains a lot of18 kinds of amino acid, 8 place of its go-between body is indispensible kinds of amino acid occupied 7 kinds, and belong to L nitrogen more base acerbity, active is tall, easy absorb. Still contain in Xianggu mushroom 30 a variety of enzymatic, have the effect that the cholesterol in restraining blood lifts and reduces blood pressure. The interferon that contains in Xianggu mushroom lures unripe agent to be able to restrain the breed of virus. There is one to plant in Xianggu mushroom " Lu crosses sexual virus body " , can regard a kind of growth that antibody prevents cancer cell as development, also have apparent inhibition to choppy already unusual cell. Some gland purine are contained in Xianggu mushroom, can reduce disease of heart and vessels of cholesterol, precaution and liver cirrhosis. Pregnant puerpera often edible can enhance airframe immunity power.

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