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What does pregnant woman eat is fetal ability the cleverest?

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Pregnancy should absorb what nutrition more, eat which kinds of food more, what food, beverage should is far from? The darling in how eating ability to be abdomen already provides enough nourishment, can because is nutrition superfluous,you make oneself unapt again and too overstaffed? The idea of Yo of prepotent now actor is already thorough popular feeling, great majority person is to do father and mother for the first time, face Yo the collision of new old idea, a lot of bewilderment let them be at a loss.

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Basic food principle wants to abide by

Of course, the basiccest in pregnant whole process is to want nutrition balanced, and a few basic food principles should hold to all the time:

Want 6 kinds of food that eat more:

One, whole wheat goods, include bread of biscuit of porridge, whole wheat, whole wheat to wait. Especially northward pregnant woman, change the sesame seed cake of breakfast, deep-fried twisted dough sticks into porridge very be necessary. Cornmeal can make you retain more abundant vigor, return the level that can reduce the cholesterol inside body. Natural, do not have any saccharide or other the cornmeal that adds composition to be inside is best. Whole wheat biscuit kind small snacks, fine fine mastication can alleviate effectively reaction of vomiting during pregnancy; Whole wheat bread can offer rich iron and zinc.

2, grandma, bean products. Pregnant woman should absorb the calcium of about 1000 milligram everyday, want 3 cups of defatted milk to be able to satisfy this kind of requirement only. Yoghurt also contains a lot ofcalcium, still have protein, conduce to health of gastric bowel path. Some pregnant woman have maigre habit, to obtain enough protein, with respect to the nutrition that can obtain pregnancy place to need from bean products only.

3, fruit. The fruit is a lot of more phyletic, economy and substantial orange, although 90% it is moisture, but contain a lot ofvitamin C, folic acid and many fiber, can help pregnant woman retain physical power, prevent the exhaustion that causes because of lacking water. Banana can provide energy immediately, help pregnant woman overcomes exhaustion. If your vomiting during pregnancy is very serious, eat banana to be his gastric place relatively easily to accept.

4, lean lean. Because lean lean contains a lot ofiron, and be absorbed by human body easily. Gross of blood of the pregnant woman when be pregnant can increase, for the sake of assuring the nutrition with fetal and ample supply, because this pregnant woman is right,the need of iron increases with respect to meeting twice ground. If store inside body iron is insufficient, pregnant woman can feel extremely easy exhaustion, pass food and drink especially the iron with compensatory and enough lean lean is very important.

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