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Fruit of pregnant woman draft cannot " is of all kinds sweep the deck "

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People often says, pregnant woman should eat fruit complement nutrition more, can be pregnant the Chen Hui of 5 months because ate a fruit,caused constipation however. On July 12, she what await an examination in courtyard of health care of city women and children tells a reporter, in the home everyday all sorts of fruits are ceaseless, when eating a meal to watch TV in the evening especially, not be to eat an apple to eat watermelon namely. Husband also bought a few longan and litchi to give her compensatory nutrition designedly, did not think of to eat these fruits however gave an issue.

Although fruit of the draft after be pregnant is beneficial to complement all sorts of nutrition, the expert reminds, summertime fruit is rich, but pregnant woman of not all fruit can eat.

According to courtyard of health care of city women and children obstetric director Gao Hui introduces, actually pregnant woman is in maintain the condition with balanced nutrition to fall, dietary respect does not need complement too much, and there still are a few contraindications when draft fruit. After many pregnant woman are pregnant, constant companion has the reaction such as Mondayish, disgusting, vomiting, inappetence, like to eat the fruit with a few sweet acid particularly, hawkthorn acid is sweet goluptious, a lot of pregnant woman like to eat. But, palace of hawkthorn two pairs has certain excited effect, can make uterine systole, go against fetal grow. Additional, although the southern fruit nutrition such as longan, litchi is rich, it is superior cordial, but between gestation should eat less or do not eat, because of its sex Wen Dare, and the Yi Yin after pregnant woman often is pregnant is heated up inside empty generation, feed longan again can heat on heat, because of,cause pregnant woman inside heat up and cause have a bowel movement dry, the mouth does glossal dry to wait.

The special system that is aimed at pregnant woman is asked for, gao Hui suggests pregnant woman can eat the neutral such as some of watermelon, grape, apple, peach or cool sex fruit more, complement not only needs nutrition, still can fall fall inside hot.

"Look from dietetics angle, average person can eat the fruit, and to pregnant woman

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